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Welcome to the Coconino County Online Permit Center

FIRST: Watch this brief tutorial on how to use
the Online Portal.

NEXT: For detailed information on how to apply for specific
permits or how to request wastewater information, code
enforcement, or a pre-application meeting, please click here.

NOTE: Code enforcement requests may NOT be anonymous or
you will NOT receive a response.

NOTE: Wastewater Information Requests made through the
"Contact Us - Request Information" option will NOT receive a
response. These requests require a portal log-in and fee for staff
time to research. See the Information Sheet on how to request this information here.


UPLOAD: Please note that you will be able to upload documents
AFTER you submit your application and are assigned a permit or
request number by the system. Documents MUST be in PDF
format. See staff with questions.


Sign Up for Your Account

If you do not have an account, please sign up by clicking the "Sign Up" button at the top right-hand side of the screen. You must have an e-mail address to apply for permits online. Then follow steps 1 through 3 to register your account.

If you need an "Access Code," it will be on your receipt. Please enter this code to access your permits through the portal. If you do not have a receipt, please contact Community Development at 928-679-8850 and ask for your Access Code.

Sign In

After you have registered your new account, please sign in to submit a new permit application, view permit activity, pay your permitting fee, or schedule inspections online. 

Please note: The cutoff time is 3:00pm for inspection requests on the next available date.

Applying for a New Permit

Select the division first, then select the permit type you wish to apply for. The Community Development Department is working on bringing several more permit types into the portal each week. Please check back here or the department webpages to see which permits are offered using this online portal.

Please note that once you click "Submit," you can no longer edit any information you inputted during your application process. A staff member will be in touch with next steps. If you need to edit information you submitted, please contact staff to assist.

What Do I Need to Submit for a Permit with the Community Development Department?

PRE-APPLICATION MEETINGS: If applying for a zoning permit, please note that a pre-application meeting may be required FIRST. If a pre-application meeting is one of the listed submittal requirements for the permit you are seeking, you may sign up for a pre-application meeting using the online portal. Simply select Planning and Zoning, then Pre-Application Meeting, and follow the prompts from there.

Please click on the Documents button at the bottom of this page to view submittal items and requirements by permit type. Keep the document open while you are applying so that you can refer back to it as you advance through the online process.

How Do I Submit (Upload) Documents for My Permit?

Click on the permit you wish to submit documents for, scroll down to the Submittals area, then click on "0 Filesto the far right of the submittal item. This will open a new window where you can click to upload the file(s) associated with that submittal item. Multiple documents may be uploaded for each submittal item if needed. Do this for all applicable submittal items for your permit. If the submittal item does not apply to your specific permit request, you do not need to upload something for that item. Staff will determine if anything else is needed and let you know. Other documents may be requested.

When Do I Pay for My Permit?

Community Development staff will receive your permit application and submittal items and begin review. Once you receive an e-mail stating that your permit is "Technically Complete," you may click on the Pay Online button and follow the prompts from there. Please note that there is a small processing fee for card payments.

How Do I View a Deficiency Report for My Submittal Items?

Community Development staff will review your documents/plans and if there are items that need to be corrected or if more information is needed, staff will generate a Deficiency Report document for you to view. You will be notified by the system via e-mail, and may then click next to the submittal item where it says [#] Files. (It will not say "0 Files" anymore because documents have been uploaded there, however this link is where you will click to view deficiencies. Each submittal item may have a different deficiency report attached.)

How Do I View the Final Documentation for My Permit?

Once your permit is approved and issued, you will be notified by the system via e-mail and may view the final permit document which will appear under Notes at the bottom of your permit page in the online portal. It will be a downloadable pdf.


For questions, please contact Community Development staff at 928-679-8850.

The Community Development Department has recently started offering online permit applications. Please give us your feedback by completing the Customer Satisfaction Survey and help us improve our process.

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